“Keep the Sun Shining on the Marge,” we like to say, and we’re doing just that with support from Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island. 

We’ve expanded our rooftop solar array thanks to support from a Rotary Community Grant. Good for the Marge, and good for the planet! 

(You won’t see the solar panels from Winslow Way, as they’re on the back side of the roof facing south, where the sun is. They get great solar exposure through the day; every minute the sun shines, we’re producing our own power.) 

The Marge installed our first solar array back in 2016, also with help from a Rotary grant. The original 8.85kW array produced a good chunk of our building’s power needs since then, helping keep the energy bill low. That ultimately benefits our nonprofit tenants through continued low rents for office space. 

But we still had space on the roof, so what else to do than …. add more solar panels. 

Our friends at Puget Sound Solar came up with a great plan to max out the roof space with 12 more high-powered panels, boosting our system capacity to over 14kW. The newly expanded array went online in mid-July has already exceeded expectations, powering the building through the summer, and “banking” enough extra power to cover our energy needs deep into autumn … maybe beyond. 

Thank you to Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island for your ongoing support of our solar-powered Marge Williams Center!